Sales Sights

the ultimate sales intelligence tool for data-driven decision-making

Research your clients in minutes

Don't spend hours researching your target customers. Do it in minutes using Sales Sights

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Real time insights

Our platform utilizes the most up to date SEC filings to keep your search relevant

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Financial Metrics

Get a high level look into the financial wellbeing of a prospect

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RIsk Factor identification

Query 10-Ks to understand what companies are struggling with and focused on this year

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Business Summary

Quickly understand the high levels details of target companies

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User Friendly & Intuitive

Easy to learn and get started quickly

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Accurate Data for sales

Get high accuracy with data required for salespeople

Sales intelligence tool backed with AI

We utilize fine tuned AI models to give you the best research on companies.

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One low price for high quality outputs
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Fast and efficient to learn about your prospects
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Secure an edge in your sales game

Get an Edge today, try out Sales Sights

We are the leading platform to help salespeople improve their game